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Positions Available in the Diaz Lab

We are looking for trainees at the graduate student and postdoc levels. We are interested in candidates with interest and experience in molecular and/or computational biology. These positions are funded by grants from the NIH, DoD, and private foundations.

We have ongoing research efforts to study local immunosuppression in brain tumors by profiling clinical specimens using single-cell technologies. In the next two years, we anticipate generating several million single-cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq libraries from several hundred human adult and pediatric brain tumors. Additionally, we are performing DNA sequencing, CyTOF profiling, and functional studies on patient-derived cell lines and models.

Bioinformatics postdocs will perform computational analyses of single-cell and bulk ‘omics data. Wet lab postdocs will develop single-cell methodology and perform hypothesis driven functional experiments. The minimum requirements for the position are:1) a PhD in the biomedical sciences, bioinformatics, or a related discipline; 2) experience with ‘omics data analysis and strong programming skills in a relevant language (e.g. R, Python); and/or experience with standard molecular techniques; 3) multiple first-author papers in respectable journals; 4) fluency in English, and the interpersonal skills to negotiate professional interactions in a diverse environment; and 5) the willingness to work hard in the pursuit of shared goals. Interested candidates should send an email to aaron.diaz@ucsf.edu, with the following:

  • CV
  • Cover letter, please indicate your preferred start date
  • Names and contacts of three references